"Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great"
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Soft-Skills Training

The Retreat for your Team in Action
Soft-skills Team Coaching Process for Practicing Learning

Duration of the course: To be agreed

Course Introduction

Companies are in need of a more results-effective training experience for their teams. Experts on company management, are recognizing that the inability of connecting, solving problems, negotiating interests, establishing accountability and overcoming relationship problems between members of a team (managers and subordinates together), is one of the primary reasons for productivity loss, working motivation loss and retention difficulty. This workshop has been designed for helping teams, (managers as well as subordinates), to practice what they have learnt through soft-skills trainings, and committing to the changes they wish to make together. It is a practical workshop that deals with real challenges brought-up by the company and the team, and has a clear goal that can be achieved when all participants involved totally commit to having results.

We work with companies that recognize weaknesses in their own Teams regarding Soft-skills, such as difficulties in communicating with each-other, or experiencing issues with serious conflicts, negotiating win-win outcome, sharing opinions, motivation, diversity, changes, and many more. After establishing the challenges, the Company & the group/team will specify a desired outcome for the group-coaching experience. We will then facilitate the Group-Coaching experience and help the group/team to overcome obstacles through the use of effective communication (applying the theory) and negotiate win-win positions. Ultimately, we aim to find solutions together and write up simple plan of actions, with the intent to create a sense of commitment and level of accountability within each team member. A later follow-up session to monitor progress and results could also be considered but is at the discretion of your company. We are committed to maintaining a high level of confidentiality between all parties at all time.


  • All member of the Team, manager/s and subordinates, will learn a healthy and simple way on how to identify the real causes which upset the team.
  • They will all learn that having different opinions or represent matters in different ways, or having different personalities can be an asset, not a liability, if properly channelled.
  • They will all learn together the most effective communicative way in order to overcome misunderstanding, emotional obstacles and any other barrier that impeed the finding of a reasonable solution.
  • They will all learn what authority really means.
  • They will all learn the joy of co-operating thowards a common goal, the team spirit in finding solutions together.
  • They will all learn the importance of Self-Responsibility and Self-Accountibility.
  • They will all learn to solve problems and deliver result


  • Introduction of the Process.
  • Revisiting the fundamentals of soft-skills - Part 1
  • The Challenge on the table.
  • Revisiting the fundamentals of soft-skills - Part 2
  • Coaching the team with G.R.O.W model
  • Revisiting the fundamentals of soft-skills - Part 3
  • Dealing with the Outcome
  • Final Plan and end of the process

Who Should Attend

  • One Team at time (Manager/s & Subordinates together)


Participants will experience the theory and the practice of what they will learn with the use of:

  • Short Lecturers
  • Individual and Group Discussion & Sharing
  • Personalised Individual & Group Coaching
  • Case study/Role Play (Real challenges concerning the team)

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